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Mens PerformanceGrip Pro

Mens PerformanceGrip Pro

Competitive Design for Serious Golfers

Our PerformanceGrip® Pro golf gloves  have been crafted with the competitive golfer in mind. Designed in collaboration with a hand specialist, these gloves embody a blend of flexibility, comfort, and moisture control that sets them apart in the industry.

Quality Breathable Leather Construction

Constructed with high-quality, premium Cabretta leather, the PerformanceGrip® Pro golf gloves provide a luxurious feel without compromising on durability. Their sleek design ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to focus on the game rather than the gear.

Innovative Perspiration Control

To manage perspiration and keep your hands fresh throughout the game, the inside of the glove is lined with a network of 10 terrycloth mini micro-pads. This intricate design works efficiently to absorb moisture, ensuring your hand stays dry while protecting the leather.

Patented Technology for an Unwavering Grip

What truly distinguishes the PerformanceGrip® Pro golf gloves is the patented multi-dimensional wraparound pad technology. Thoughtfully designed, this feature protects the integrity of your grip and swing, offering a reliable connection to your club without hindering your natural movement.

Experience the difference on the course and invest in a glove that not only offers superb feel and touch but provides 2 X more durability than other premium gloves.

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Purchasing Guide


  • We dispatch your ordered products on the next business day from order.
  • We use Australia Post for all Online Orders placed with us.
  • Once dispatched we post your delivery date and tracking details so that you can follow your orders delivery updates by entering the tracking number through
  • If you are spending less than $120 where Express Delivery becomes free you can still get your item delivered Express by choosing this method at checkout. It costs just $6.00 to Express Post any item/s.
  • We can provide help with any delivery issues if you contact us by emailing

Bionic Technology & what it could mean for you


We warranty each golf glove for 60 days from purchase against manufacturing or material defects. To contact us in the unlikely event your glove has a problem please email us at

What we need from you.

  • We do not require you to jump through hoops to gain assistance.
  • Contact us through our contact email
  • Let us know what the problem is
  • Attach a Photo of the affected area if possible.
  • Send your order number or purchase date details.

What we do

  • We'll act promptly
  • If we require more information we'll let you know as soon as we can.
  • If we require the glove back to make a decision we'll provide a free Return Post address
  • We'll inspect (by photo or return) make a quick decision and replace your glove free of charge if we deem it to be a manufacturing fault or a defect in materials.

What isn't warrantied

  • Some people play and practice a lot while others play infrequently.
  • It isn't possible for us to warranty wear and tear because we can't measure the use each glove goes through.
  • If we consider the glove to have been through reasonable wear and tear or the glove has deteriorated through mis-use we'll let you know of our decision.

Wash your glove

  • Washing your glove in warm soapy water is great for extending it's life.
  • It gets rid of grime, dirt and sweat which can all lead to glove deterioration.


  • Please follow washing instructions
  • Only wash in warm water with soap, not through a washing machine.
  • Dry your washed glove in a cool dry area and make sure it isn't placed in the sunlight or a clothes dryer.
  • Refit the glove to your hand before the glove is fully dry. This will ensure the fit memory is returned prior to wearing.

Bionic Gloves last 2 X Longer

  • The reasons for this independently researched and verified claim is because of three interesting facts
  • 1. The internal padding we use is made from Terry cloth which soaks up moisture and sweat and draws this away from the leather in your glove, an important factor in extending the life of the leather
  • 2. The padding in the glove is adjacent to natural wear areas in the palm. By filling in the valleys of the palm we can prevent wear and tear in the adjacent bony areas of your hand.
  • 3. Pre-rotated fingers stop leather from bunching in the wrong places. Our gloves are designed to naturally fit the contours of your hand. What fits naturally is less inclined to wear out.

You will get more wear from Bionic than other gloves

Returns and Sizing

If you are unsure of your size please use the attached Sizing Help Page to establish your correct fit. If you are on the upper side of the measurement it is always recommended to move to the next size up.

Remember Bionic will feel a little snug when first placed on the hand because of the padding but the feel you should be trying to achieve is a firm fit without being tight. If you are on the upper side of the measurements consider moving up a size. 

Please Note: We want you to return a glove that does not fit you well.

We are happy to exchange a glove that doesn't fit you correctly and we do this through a reply paid system that won't cost you so feel free to contact us with any concerns. Just remember to ensure the glove is still in packaging and in a saleable, as new, condition when you return it. 

To find your Bionic glove size, measure around your hand (dominant hand when ordering pairs) with a tape measure at the places indicated on the diagram below. Use the tape measurements shown in the diagram to determine your glove size.

If your circumference is a size larger than the length, then choose the larger size for a better fit.

If you need additional assistance on sizing or fit of the gloves contact us on 1800 023 429 or email