Remember Bionic will feel a little snug when first placed on the hand because of the padding but the feel you should be trying to achieve is a firm fit without being tight. If you are on the upper side of the measurements consider moving up a size. 

Please Note: We want you to return a glove that does not fit you well.

We are happy to exchange a glove that doesn't fit you correctly and we do this through a reply paid system that won't cost you so feel free to contact us with any concerns. Just remember to ensure the glove is still in packaging and in a saleable, as new, condition when you return it. 

To find your Bionic glove size, measure around your hand (dominant hand when ordering pairs) with a tape measure at the places indicated on the diagram below. Use the tape measurements shown in the diagram to determine your glove size.

If your circumference is a size larger than the length, then choose the larger size for a better fit.

If you need additional assistance on sizing or fit of the gloves contact us on 1800 023 429 or email