All of our gloves are warrantied for a period of 60 days from purchase. 


What our warranty covers:

  • You are fully covered on materials including any material defects such as immediate weaknesses in leather or synthetic areas of your gloves that are caused at the manufacturing process.
  • You are fully covered for stitching or weaknesses in joining of material that renders the glove unusable or may create wear issues into the future. 
  • You are fully covered for workmanship in the manufacture of your glove in any aspect that creates a problem of the wearing of the glove or could cause future issues. 

What we specifically don't cover:

We do not accept issues caused by fair wear and tear of your glove.

  • Please be aware that we do not have control over the amount of times gloves are used during the 60 day warranty period. We accept that some gloves are worn very infrequently and others are used daily during this period. We will always try to be fair and reasonable in making decisions based on wear and tear areas so please feel free to contact us if you need to clarify. 

What to do if you have a warranty issue

  • Contact us by email through the link below.
  • Tell us your problem and purchase date
  • If you can, provide us with a photograph or two of the area of concern. ( we will try to make a decision based on the photographs)  

What we will do

  • We'll notify you of our decision via photographs or ask that you send the glove back to us through our ReplyPaid address (a free service)
  • If we accept your request and agree to warranty, we will send a replacement to you as soon as possible or issue a refund. 
  • We may still ask you to return your faulty glove via our free postal service.

EMAIL ADDRESS: Please contact us at:


The address to return your item.

If we ask you to return an item for further action the address to return this to is:



Our phone number: AEST  9 - 4 pm

1800 023429