Don’t Saddle for Less! Transform your ride with the all-new Bionic Cycling Gloves, the first of their kind 

No matter if you ride a road or mountain bike, take your cruiser to the office or put the pedal to the metal in the gym: You need a secure grip on the handlebar. A grip that’s solid enough to be in full control … and light enough to stay relaxed.

The handlebars put your hands into a position of control and power, but that can only go so far. Even when taped properly, the handlebars are just rigid steel bars, unable to adapt to the intricacies of your anatomy and to the dozens of grip changes that are necessary during a ride.

That’s where our new cycling gloves come into play. Bionic Gloves developed a groundbreaking piece of professional cycling gear for everyone. Our gloves do not need to adapt to the kind of bicycle you use. Instead, they are tailored to your hands anatomy to support you where and when it matters most.